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... weakness is simply strength yet to be built. That’s why we work with you to optimize business processes until your customers feel the energy of living with a championship brand. And we don’t stop until it’s done.

Choose the approach which best fits your company needs and internal team set up as well as the way you would like to play it. All of listed options are actively provided to our clients.


Capacity Bodyshop

We provide a temporary digital transformation specialist to join your team and deliver the specific skills you are missing. You manage, we execute.

Support Systems

From one-time queries to SLA consultancy and beyond, you can use our team of digital support specialists to keep pace with changing market forces.


We set up a dedicated team based on your business goals and deliver onboarding, use-case consultancy, analytics, evaluation and support.

Digital Transformation Leadership

Get a dedicated manager responsible for digital transformation and CDP onboarding across your company, backed by our top-class ePace delivery team.

Most common tasks we are usually on

  • Integrations
  • Platform Data Model Architecture
  • Existing Platform Set Up Revisions
  • Use Case Identification, Design and Delivery
  • Data Analyses, Evaluations and ROI measurements
  • Vendor Marketing Enhancement
  • GDPR, Consent Management, Cookie policies
  • Tracking, Tracking, Tracking
  • Omnichannel Development
  • Processed Events Volume Optimization
  • Revenue Performance Management
  • Surveys and Data Research
  • First Party Data Collection
  • Newsletter Architecture Design
  • CRM and Lead Management Empowering
  • NPS agenda with NPS Monetization Strategy

“ePace services and solutions are flexible and effective. You can choose any combination of solutions or go for full-scale service. Either way, get ready for ultimate business performance.”

What clients are saying

  • Milan Duda
    At ePace, they helped us saddle a horse named Exponea (later Bloomreach) - from the implementation of the entire solution, through planning, to help with the detailed setting of campaigns and scenarios. I appreciated the strategic overlap, business insight and diligence in execution. We'd probably break our teeth on Exponee ourselves, it's not a tool that can be tamed with minimal internal capacity unless you have a robust custom CRM team. Thanks to this, we have moved the CRM agenda and targeted automated communication to a higher level, I would say significantly above the previous standard.
    Milan Duda, Marketing Director s.r.o.
  • I know Jarda Novák from our work together at Wunderman (now, Wunderman Thompson). We are both believers in marketing automation. If I weren’t lazy, I'd start an agency like ePace myself. Automation is definitely one of the bright futures of marketing. Whether it's optimizing and targeting media budgets, or more importantly communicating with existing customers in their own channels, like web or email. Automation scenarios simply can't be handled manually – customer selection, message personalization, communication timing. The big challenge with automation is still to combine marketing, technology and data. Without ePace's consulting services, we at Blue Style certainly wouldn't be able to get the most out of automation. And for that, a big thank you to Jarda and his team.
    Vladimír Rejlek, Chief Digital Officer
    Blue Style
  • The ePace analysis of our existing communication, and the proposal of personalization within selected automated customer scenarios was beneficial for us, and allowed us to look at our communication from a new perspective. We perceive a high added value of such an approach to the customer, especially with regard to our specific target group. What I particularly appreciate about ePace at this stage is the ability to empathize with the customer's needs and focus on quickly adding value to the HUDYsport customer.
    Radek Kronika, Chief Marketing Officer
  • I met Jarda Novák and Martina Vojtěchová by chance through my friend Vojta Vecán, an architect. And so, as it is in life, what comes to you "by chance" works best! I finally feel that marketing works as it should. They do everything comprehensively. Their first presentation – an analysis of our company – impressed me. I look forward to working with them and growing our company, its visibility, awareness, and personalized communication with our customers. It's a challenge to do something differently and properly, which has basically been my motto in business for 26 years. It's just important to choose the right professionals. Let everybody do what they know how to do, and then everything will work out.
    Michaela Vlčková, Founder
    La Marque
  • The cooperation with ePace opened our eyes and taught us to systematically exploit even the smallest sales opportunities. Looking back, I regret that we didn't figure it out ourselves and do it that way a long time ago. The project had a clear focus and delivered results very quickly.
    Lenka Hořáková, Marketing Manager
    Nano Energies
  • Working with Jaroslav and his team was a pure joy. It was a synthesis of years of marketing experience and pro-client enthusiasm and empathy, spiced with the right amount of insight and humor. I highly recommend working with ePace, not only to any marketer, but to anyone for whom the somewhat infamous phrase, "client first", is not an empty one.
    Prokop Holeček, Segment Marketing Manager
    NN Investment Partners C.R., a.s.
  • Switching to a new marketing platform in a way that has the least impact on your current campaigns is always a challenge. Thanks to Jaroslav and his team, we managed to do it perfectly. Throughout the collaboration, we saw many times that Jaroslav has named his company really aptly – the high pace is inherent to him and his colleagues. And that’s not all! ePace also helped us discover new ways to use data and showed us how to automate long-term campaigns. Moreover, our discussions together allowed me to see things from a new angle and energized me. Looking for enthusiastic professionals? Try ePace!
    Jiří Beneda, Team Leader, Operations & Campaign Management
    O2 Media
  • In our publishing house, we have been using Exponea for many years, but we have never used it to its full potential. Thanks to our colleagues from ePace, we are gradually changing this, and I can highly recommend working with Jaroslav and his team.
    Ondřej Peroutka, Acquisition Manager
    Economia, a.s.

The ePace team

ePace is a senior team of business, technology, and creative professionals, with wide experience in advertising, marketing, IT, and the very latest in intelligent business technology.

Jaroslav Novak

Founder and CEO
After 15+ years at Ogilvy and Wunderman Thompson, I founded ePace to make it easier for companies to unite data, technology, and functional creativity. It’s no longer a question of “if”, but “when” a business embraces digital transformation that will keep them flexible, scalable, and competitive for years to come.

“Your company is an F1 car, and your market is the racetrack. We’re the pit crew that puts your business machine in the best position to win.”

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